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Quarter Horse

400 lbs.
Ready for Adoption
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Ground Hours
8 hours
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1 hour
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03/08/2017 05:44

Keva's details changed.

Owner has been changed from Mackenzie Sprick to Horse Archive.

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07/06/2016 08:09

Keva's details changed.

Call name has been changed from KEva to Keva.

Adoptable has been changed from No to Yes.

Weight has been changed from 300 to 400.

Viewability status has been changed from to Public.

Send to website has been changed from to Yes.

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05/28/2016 03:05

Worked on Approaching Keva and Sending Her

I went to catch her in the pasture and had to corner her. She did well, each time it takes less time than the time before. I groomed her, sprayed her with fly spray, sent her thru the pen first. She did great for all of that. She stood freely for the grooming without being tied or held. I worked on sending her around, working on spacing between me and her. She was unsure of what to do. This was a difficult task for me personally too. I asked for assistance from one of the staffers, and she worked with Keva as well. Keva, seemed to be nervous, not confident of what we really wanted, so instead of moving she froze. Using a flag to move her feet, the flag did not bother her. (Apparently, I had gotten her so used to the flag, it did not spook her to move) She got to the point where she would go half way around , but stop and turn towards us, not completing the entire circle. We had another staffer come to help with the other side as well. Once we got her to complete a full circle, we stopped there and praised her. I took her into the small round pen and took off the halter. I walked away and worked on approaching her (as if in the open pasture). I would call her and walk to her shoulder and pet her. Then walk away. Once I did this several times on both sides, I added a rope and did the same thing, but also a rope around her neck, so she could feel herself being \\\"caught\\\". Then I would release her and walk away. I did this several times on both sides. I\\\'m hoping this will help with being able to catch her in the open pasture without having to corner her. We took a quick walk around the creek and jumped about and walked through that area.

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05/18/2016 12:00

Walking the trails, playing in the Creek and meeting new people

we worked together as a team and caught Keva in the pasture. We noticed that she was posted relaxed when you approached her with your arm closest to her, hand facing down, body facing away from her, with your head lowered. was able to lead her back to the pens great. I groomed her and picked up her feet with my hands with out problems. She walked through the the pens great. I used the spray bottle on her and she was nervous at first but then relaxed. I had 3 different people approach her while I was holding her. She was not wanting to stand still of 2 of them. but eventually relaxed. We took her on a trail walk and ended at the creek, getting her to go thru and jump over the creek area. She did amazing.

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05/14/2016 10:30

Catching, Leading, Fly Spray

I groomed her before taking her out. I worked with Keva on catching her in the small pen and in a small round pen. I took my time, making sure to cut her off form the front when she tried to move forward. I stopped when she stopped, kept my head low and the front of my body facing away from her. I also worked on putting the rope around her legs and holding up her hooves and touching them. She did well and stood for it. I practiced moving her throughs pen and out of the pen. She did well with that too. I worked with her on walking her around the large enclosed area where other horses where. She was slow to move, and as I pulled and then loosed, she got the idea of what was wanting. Sometimes she would walk towards me as I was facing her without much pull on the lead rope! I got the the fly spray and took her in the small round pen. I let her smell it for a minute and then I barely sprayed anything on her. She jumped a little and didn\\\'t move away. I gave her a sec to think about that, and then did it again. I gradually pressed more on the spray bottle which made her nervous, but didn\\\'t try to get away. I continued to let her smell it between squirts and made sure that the from of my body was not directly facing her and my head was down and thinking to my self to relax and stay calm, this helps so my energy was not adding to the excitement of the task. Once I was able to spray her all over and she told completely still for the last 3 sprays, I stopped. I was proud of how calm she was about it. Next time I will do the same time to she how relaxed she is with it. I worked with her on moving back. She did pretty well and caught on. Then we worked on both sides, getting her to move her back legs in the direction I wanted. I led her back to the pasture after all the other horses had already gone to pasture. She was very excited. I walked her a little and then had her come back, then walked her forward and then came back, in order for her to walk with me, calm. we crossed the \\\"creek\\\" and I asked her to pass back away from the side of the pasture with the horses and she freaked out and leaped in the air with all fours off the ground. I stayed calm and pulled the lead rope down, then asked her to move across. She did the same thing and I did too. Then I asked her again and she came. She learns VERY fast. We walked back nicely to the rest of the herd and I released her with them. I did not need to use the stick to get to the rope around her neck this time! I was very impressed with her and her progress today, especially since it had been a week since we last worked together. Way to Go Keva!!

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05/07/2016 11:00

Led Keva through out the area with her being at a safe distance. And worked on going in and out of the pen

We worked on me leading her around a large enclosed area without pulling. She was nervous at first, but I would take a few steps and loosen the rope when she would step forward, we stopped. If she got too close to me I moved her back. We worked on this both side I also worked with her on leading her out of the pen and back into the pen. She did really well as I sent her through to leave. Trying to send her through to enter was harder. AS I used the tech to direct her with my left hand and the rope at her withers, she went in great. She has really improved greatly from the last time we worked on it. Worked on using rope on her legs and feet to get her used to picking her feet up with the rope. She did very well and I was able to pick up all four feet with the rope and hold it for at least 10 seconds. She seems to enjoy being groomed

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04/16/2016 12:00

Getting Closer to Keva

Getting closer to Kena and reactions to the harness tossed near her hoves. I spoke to KEva, getting her used to my voice as I slowly approached her without making eye contact. Once she moved, I stopped. I took a step forward and waited. I got as close to her, nearly being able to reach out and touch her. I took deep breaths and looked for her to lick and chew. When she did I would lean away without stepping back. Used a halter and made noise with it by throwing it around her feet. She went from freaking out to the first time to just moving her head slightly.

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04/13/2016 08:16

First Day of School ;)

Keva was scared when I entered her space in the pen. I took my time and moved towards her with one step and then stopped with my head down and my body facing away from her. I\\\'ve learned that with horses that are afraid of humans this helps to be less threatening. I was talking to Keva and calling her name. I would repeat this process. When she looked at me I stopped and I would give her time to think about it and then back off if she moved. and then repeated. I also used a stick to touch her with her chest. She stood but was nervous, the more I used the stick the more she moved away.

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