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Paint Horse

500 lbs.
Bay/Brown & White
Training Status
Ground Hours
2 hours
Riding Hours
1 hour
AM Feed
PM Feed
Special Needs


03/13/2017 05:29

Morgan's details changed.

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Owner has been changed from Mackenzie Sprick to Melissa Musser.

07/06/2016 08:02

Morgan's details changed.

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Color has been changed from Brown & White to Bay.

has been changed from to Brown & White.

Status has been changed from Rehabilitation to Training.

Adoptable has been changed from No to Yes.

Viewability status has been changed from to Public.

Send to website has been changed from to Yes.

06/09/2016 06:07

Approached in pasture

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Today was the first day I was able to approach Morgan in the pasture and touch his shoulder! There are three other horses in his pasture. I got him and one other separated from the \\\"runner\\\" in the group. I then approached the other more confident horse and then Morgan and he didn\\\'t even try to leave.Big improvement!

05/25/2016 02:59

Building Trust

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This was my first time working with Morgan. He was very nervous about me approaching him, so I soon discovered that I needed to get the stick and approach him with that. I used the stick as an extension of my arm to just get him use to touch. I touched him all over and at his feet. He did not like his back legs being touch at first and kicked out. I stopped touching when he stopped kicking. I was able to get a halter on him and lead him. He was nervous but did well.-S. Yonas

04/28/2016 09:00

First time leading

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Today was the first time Morgan has had a rope halter on. Rally only the second time he has ever been worked. I began by asking him to fallow a feel while he was in the pen and I was on the out side. I then went in the pen with him and had him walk from corner to corner with me. I then opened the pen and walked a lap around the pasture. He did awesome! After letting him just hag out for a bit I went to take the halter off and this took most of the time. He gets very uneasy once you move past his eye. He attempts to bite you as soon as he\\\'s uncomfortable. I finally got the halter off, petted his shoulder and walked away.

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