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Hot Shot


16 HH hands
1100 lbs.
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5 hours
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08/10/2016 06:11

ADV GW 5: Ex 3 (Bridling)

Hot Shot has a tendency to carry her head high, which is a problem when she is 16 HH and you are trying to bridle her. The majority of the time in this work was spent getting her head and neck to drop to a more comfortable level for both of us by applying pressure behind her ears. Once she had dropped her neck some (not perfect but something to continue working with), I brought the bridle up. She maintained her relaxed posture and didn\\\'t raise her head. Opened her mouth quite easily for the bit and was unconcerned with the bridle slipping over her ears. She seemed to become more anxious with the bit in her mouth. There was a lot of mouthing and foaming on the bit without any pressure being applied. I feel like while this horse has most likely worn a bridle before, it has been awhile and was most likely not a very relaxed and pleasant experience. Once she began to relax with the bit in her mouth and release some of her anxiety (again not perfect but something to work on), I removed the bridle with no problems. I do not believe this horse to be dangerous, however with her anxious and reactive tendencies, I think improper handling and pushing for too much too soon with her could cause her to blow up.

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08/10/2016 06:02

ADV GW 5: ex 3

Saddling Allowed Hot Shot to sniff saddle pad in which she had immediate interest. Was calm and quiet when saddle pad was thrown over her back from the left side. She was a little more wary on the right side but stayed committed to staying in place. Moved on to the saddle in which is was pretty much the same story. She appeared slightly concerned with a lot of saddle wiggling and so forth but maintained her commitment to standing. Raised her head and tightened the muscles in her neck when the cinch was slowly tightened but again, maintained a commitment to standing. Unconcerned with the back cinch. When she was sent off she got a little pushy on my space with her shoulders, especially her right shoulder (which she exhibited in the previous exercises by trying to block her right eye). However, she moved off quietly and quickly relaxed into a free moving walk and trot with no blow ups. Changed directions nicely without tightening up. I feel the horse has definitely been saddled before. And as eveidenced by how she let me hang off the side of the saddle and rub my legs over her belly, shoulders, flanks and ribcage that she has had a rider before. While I do not feel this horse is dangerous at this point, I would like my colleagues to understand her reactive nature, and especially her tendency to shoulder in on her right side.

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08/10/2016 05:54

ADV GW: Ex 2b

Hot Shot can be overreactive to the flag; she has a tendency to be scared forward. Only took about ten minutes to become soft and responsive to the flag instead of highly reactive. Can hit the end of the line but doesn\\\'t put a whole lot of pull into it. She feels the pressure and stops. This horse displays a huge amount of try even when she is scared (which she seems to be every time something new is introduced.)

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08/10/2016 03:17

Without the Halter Evaluation: Challenge complete!

Mark this challenge complete when you have completed an evaluation of a horse without the halter using Exercises 1a through 1c and have created a training log that outlines your assessment of the following qualities: Does the horse have a tendency to run through pressure or yield to it? Does the horse seem more confident/understanding on the right eye, left eye, or neither? What is the approachability of this horse? Easy to catch?

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08/10/2016 03:12

ADV GW 5: ex 1a-1c

Hot Shot has shown a desire to yield to pressure. Seems to be more confident on the left eye. Can try to block on her right eye. OK to approach. Is wary and watchful but is very curious and wants to be a part of what you\\\'re doing. Relatively good to catch.

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08/04/2016 04:19

Trotting off of feel (GW 1)

Finally accomplished trotting off the feel of the halter! :)

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07/30/2016 04:01

Liberty Trailer Loading

Because Hot Shot was extremely difficult to load at the seizure in January, we decided to introduce her to liberty trailer loading. Very quickly she understood the concept of staying \\\"WITHIN RANGE\\\". She quickly showed a lot of \\\"TRY AT THE TRAILER\\\". She loaded easily but would get a little panicked once inside and offload quickly. After a few tries, she settled inside and fully \\\"COMMITTED TO THE TRAILER\\\" by just quietly stepping inside and hanging out inside calmly. Very impressed with how quickly she came around.

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07/27/2016 08:52

Hot Shot's details changed.

Owner has been changed from Angela Dierkes to Vickie Spears.

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07/27/2016 06:42

Hot Shot's details changed.

Viewability status has been changed from to Public.

Send to website has been changed from to Yes.

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07/22/2016 07:49

Adv Saddle Prep

Worked with rope around belly at walk and trot to simulate cinch pressure. Moved to saddle - saddled while standing quietly. Sent around at a walk trot and lope to both the left and the right. Stood quietly for unsaddling. Very impressive for such a troubled and concerned mare.

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05/18/2016 02:44

Sending through gate to turnout

Sent through the gate in her turnout pasture several times to make sure she would remain calm. Rushes at first but after the second time, she relaxes and walks easily then yields hips.

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05/18/2016 02:32

Leading, Grooming and Tying

Met me at the gate in Foundation Station to be caught easily. Led quietly to the tack shed where she tied on a blocker tie ring. Groomed, fly sprayed and picked up feet easily and quietly. Led while low headed out to the pasture. Remained peaceful and respectful the entire time.

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04/16/2016 04:46

Level one assessment

Did a basic assessment of Level one (handling) abilities. Had an intern go through the exercises with her. While skeptical and wary, she was not explosive as she has previously exhibited. She even got in the trailer!

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