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TERESA WILSONS INTAKE: 8/27/2005 Came from Wasco County neglect surrender. Do not know much about her. She seems to have some training but is hesitant to trust.


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10/10/2018 04:45

Breezy's details changed.

has been changed from unarchived to archived.

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07/24/2018 05:14

Clean A Pen: Challenge complete!

Complete this challenge by cleaning a pen assigned to you, or by adding a horse to this purpose that you would feel comfortable cleaning their pen.

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06/10/2018 01:21

Groundwork, lunging

Today I got to know Breezy a bit.she was a bit hasty at the lunge so we practiced walking and slowing down. She walked across the bridge and developers, we practiced backing up and yielding

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05/24/2018 08:01


More of the same as last time. Teaching her to look to her handler for support and keeping her attention. Half circle exercise, backing to reaching exercise to driving the FQ around the HQ and breaking it all down, trying to attach the foot to her lead in the process..goal being to get her to move her feet freely and working through being anxious about it. Getting more specific about her keeping her attention on me and and teaching her to drop her head to relax (looks like that\\\'s already been started). Worked on changing eyes with the flag behind her. and finished with slow relaxed rubbing and massage through her body, reaching her hind legs behind her and trying to get her to unclamp her tail. She\\\'s pretty jumpy about different areas of being touched (rear end, stomach etc,) and different energy coming at her.

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05/23/2018 07:50

Groundwork aiming at desensitizing, relaxing through movement

My First time working with Breezy. She was polite and not pushy but also tense and very worried. Took some time lounging for relaxation, drawing her in and pushing her out to get her attention. Had to correct her cutting in her circles when she was high headed and unfocused but she came around. Did some flag work doing half circles. The flag was no big deal but shes very stiff and hurried in her movements so I think a big focus will be breaking things down and getting her fluid. I think her Learning that she can move quickly from pressure in a relaxed way will be pretty important. Running her hands on her she\\\'s pretty tight through her hindquarters, clamps her tail down and tenses to touch. I\\\'ll be focusing on that fine line between gaining her confidence and trust with teaching her to relax but also moments of pressure and getting through to the other side of being scared.

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05/13/2018 04:22


Trying to load a video but it won\\\'t accept any length video.

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05/13/2018 04:18


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05/13/2018 04:01

2nd Trail ride!

2nd trail ride at Mciver Park. She was a rock star! Only 10 minutes of groundwork and then got mounted. She was a little anxious at first but calmed down quickly. Did all the bridges immediately and calmly. Walked thru the creek completely mellow.(she even took a drink). Worked on the gate a bit and did pretty well even though she is just learning to sidepass. On the trail she walked and trotted calmly and was easy to bring down to a slower gait . Super impressed with Breezy!

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05/11/2018 05:45

A little groundwork and walk, trot and canter in the arena

Worked more on slowing down the trot and canter in the round pen. Let her go around more times so she could realize it\\\'s OK to slow down . Praised her heavily when she relaxed and slowed at the trot and canter. Worked on site passing from the saddle and she\\\'s really getting the concept down! Very proud of her! It was a very good ride!

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05/07/2018 05:43

Groundwork and light riding

First of all I would like to say that this is a really sweet horse! In all the time we\\\'ve had her she does not try to bite, or kick, or buck or rear up. She has a few issues but meanness is not one of them. Her biggest issue is sensitivity to touch which can cause her to flinch or scoot her hind end. At this point she is not a beginners horse. She also seems to be a bit herd bound . When I take her down to the arena without any other horses she is distracted trying to listen for them and sometimes will call out. She is more likely to be trotting when she supposed to be walking. Have to do more groundwork to get her attention on me . I walked her up our street today and she was unfazed by cars passing both directions, little dogs rushing out at her did not bother her, she got a little prancy with a lawn ornament that had pinwheels. Basically she did great! She can walk trot and canter. I can halt and back up . Trot and canter are still a bit fast and need to be slowed down a bit. Working on smaller circles to get her to slowed down. She starting to understand a bit of side passing which will be nice for helping to open games from the saddle. She is a pleasure to work with and have on our property! Will definitely miss this horse!

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05/06/2018 04:38

Side passing training

I thought I was going on Breezy\\\'s second trail ride. She had a puffy fetlock so no trail ride today. I worked for a short time on side passing from the ground. She was so awesome! Only the second time working on this. Also worked more on rubbing and desensitizing her hindquarters. She is so much better than 8 weeks ago! This horse is so awesome!

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05/05/2018 04:02

Ground work and riding

Worked on yielding front and hindquarters. Lunging with emphasis on the walk. Much better today! Rode walk, trot, and canter. Working on slowing down trot and canter. Working on side passing from the ground and in the saddle. Walked thru and backed thru barrels placed close together. Also walked thru the noodles.

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05/04/2018 03:01

Ground work and riding

Worked on yielding hind and forequarters. Lunging to get Breezy to walk, trot, and canter when asked. She tends to want to trot right away and not want to walk. She was much better about staying at the walk! She still needs lots of desensitizing on hind end. She flinches easily when touched near the tail. Rode at walk, trot, and canter .she did pretty well but still canters a bit fast due to how new this is for her. She still tends to slow and want to stop at the gate. Worked in keeping her going past the gate and resting her away from the gate. She uses backing up to try to avoid doing what she doesn\\\'t want to do. I worked on letting her know that won\\\'t work. Overall a good ride!

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04/26/2018 02:31

First trail ride at Mciver Park

Rode Breezy on upper loop of Mciver Park. We walked and trotted. Went over the teeter totter bridge, sway bridge, the balance beam bridge, the gravel step ups and stepped over large logs. She was calm and relaxed.

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04/22/2018 11:53

20 minutes of groundwork doing desensitizing with rope all over body.

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04/21/2018 04:00

Cantered in the main arena outside of the round pen!

Desensitized with the rope and the stick and string all over her body. Extra work on hindquarters. Rode walk, trot, and canter both directions. Since this was her first time cantering in the larger part of the arena she was a little fast and wanted to veer toward the gate and another horse in the arena.

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04/16/2018 06:09

Breezy's details changed.

Special needs has been changed from TERESA WILSONS INTAKE: 8/27/2005 Came from Wasco County neglect surrender. Do not know much about her. She seems to have some training but is hesitant to trust. Doing well with groundwork. Close to being ridden to TERESA WILSONS INTAKE: 8/27/2005 Came from Wasco County neglect surrender. Do not know much about her. She seems to have some training but is hesitant to trust..

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04/13/2018 02:47

flu, rhino, tetanus, west nile, ehv

5-way vaccine, 2 separate shots given on either side of the neck.

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03/28/2018 05:54

Breezy's details changed.

DOB has been changed from to 01/01/2005.

Gender has been changed from to Mare.

Rescue reason has been changed from to Neglect.

Companion only has been changed from to No.

Adoptable has been changed from to Yes.

Height has been changed from to 14.

Special needs has been changed from to TERESA WILSONS INTAKE: 8/27/2005 Came from Wasco County neglect surrender. Do not know much about her. She seems to have some training but is hesitant to trust. Doing well with groundwork. Close to being ridden.

Viewability status has been changed from to Public.

Send to website has been changed from to Yes.

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