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Quarter Horse

Secretariats Caryolyn

Training Status
Ground Hours
2 hours
Riding Hours
1 hour
AM Feed
1 cup GNW
PM Feed
Special Needs


08/29/2020 10:52

Send a Horse Through a Gate or Tight Space: Challenge complete!

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Complete this task after you have logged a training activity for a horse that you successfully led/sent through a tight space or gate. All while keeping your tools tidy and maintaining a safe personal space. Be sure to add a picture!

08/29/2020 10:51

Lead a Horse: Challenge complete!

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Log a training activity for a horse that you successfully led with tidy tools, all while keeping the horse at a safe and comfortable distance. Ideally, 4ft or more of space.

06/28/2016 07:00

Tied halter knot correctly

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Tied halter knot correctly Realized afterwards that the halter was not behind the jaw like it should be.

06/15/2016 02:09

Haltered and let her loose again

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I haltered and unhaltered Gypsy using the tips in my lesson.

06/15/2016 02:07

Caught Gypsy in a herd

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I went out to catch Gypsy in her herd. She was very easy to catch. Our only issue was needing to drive another horse away that was hoping to be caught also.

05/05/2016 09:00

Cleaned her stall with her inside of it

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I used the tips in the lesson for cleaning a stall

05/05/2016 05:23


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Groomed her and picked out her front feet

05/05/2016 05:22

Gypsy's details changed.

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DOB has been changed from 2001 to 07/09/2001.

AM feed has been changed from to 1 cup GNW.

05/05/2016 04:23

Went to practice catching her in a herd

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I went out to catch Gypsy while she was in her herd. I practiced the tips at the gate, noticing what was going on with the herd and deciding whether to move the gate in towards me or out towards the herd. They were fairly far away, so I moved the gate inward. I kept a straight arm in case something happened with the gate. Once inside the pasture, the herd moved towards me so I moved them away until only Gypsy was left with me. She came to me easily and haltered well except for coming in with her shoulder a bit.

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