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Ready for Adoption
Black & White/Black & White
Training Status
Ground Hours
8 hours
Riding Hours
0 hours
AM Feed
Hay bag
PM Feed
Hay bag
Special Needs
Level 5 Arrived 4/11/2017 Sponsor: Training Team:


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02/15/2021 08:12

Tucker's details changed.

Adoptable has been changed from Yes to No.

has been changed from unarchived to archived.

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02/19/2020 09:49

Tucker's details changed.

Color has been changed from to Black & White.

has been changed from Brown to Black & White.

Status has been changed from to Training.

has been changed from to Yellow.

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06/30/2018 04:23


Haltered, groomed, lead around, and lifted front two feet. Worked on him getting used to me touching rear two legs.

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06/23/2018 10:26

handling and leg work

Tucker and Willow came right up to me when I entered their paddock. Tucker took the lead rope in his mouth and let me lead him around as he held on. I scratched him all over. Then put a halter on him (now that he does not keep one on all the time). Lead him around, worked him to loosen his neck left and right and move his hind lets. Groomed him. Touched all four legs up and down. Lifted both front not the back, but left my hands on his rear legs and he remained calm.

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06/20/2018 02:31


Groomed and lifted both front legs. Working Tucker to get used to hands around his ears. Put on a rope halter, over the one that stays on him, so he can get used to a halter going on and off. Lead around.

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06/06/2018 01:06

Handling and rope work

Scratched Tucker all over, loosened his halter neck strap one notch to the last one (it was too tight as he grows). Lead him around, worked neck left and right and moving back legs over. He loves attention now. Come right up to me when I entered the paddock.

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05/30/2018 10:10


Scratched Tucker all over and played with his halter to get him used to halter on/off

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05/23/2018 06:35


Lead around with rope, scratched all over, groomed, and lifted front two legs/hooves. Worked left and right and moving hind feet

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05/15/2018 02:52

Groomed and lunged

Lead Tucker out of paddock to separate him from Willow. Took him to round pen nearby. Groomed and lift front two legs. Exercised/lunged Tucker for 5 minutes both directions.

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05/05/2018 07:41

Groomed and exercised

Lead Tucker around while Char had Willow. Separated them the distance of the large arena. Groomed Tucker all over. Lifted both front hooves/legs multiple times. First time today was able to lift both rear hooves/legs multiple times. Lunged Tucker in the round pen. Lastly, he learned a little about the tree near his paddock, as limbs touched his back while walking under it.

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04/27/2018 04:20

Handling and exercise

Led Tucker around to separate him a little from Willow. Groomed Tucker and lifted two front hooves. Worked his turning and stopping. Lunge exercised Tucker in the round pen. Then walked him over to the large arena. Tucker learned about stepping over large wood poles, plastic cones, and wooden bridge. Char and I changed out his halter to a larger one.

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04/22/2018 02:04

groom, exercise, and handle

Led Tucker around large arena while Char led Willow around about 50 ft away. Groomed Tucker all over with a brush-first time. Lifted right and left front legs-first time. Worked right and left neck bending and rear side movement.

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04/08/2018 03:13

Walked around and exercised

Lead Tucker around large arena while Char lead Willow around within sight but not too close. Getting them use to being separated. Exercised Tucker in the round pen. Scratched Tucker all over.

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03/15/2018 01:56

Tucker's details changed.

DOB has been changed from to 04/04/2017.

has been changed from Black & White to Brown.

Rescue reason has been changed from to Neglect.

Companion only has been changed from to No.

Adoptable has been changed from to Yes.

AM feed has been changed from to Hay bag.

PM feed has been changed from to Hay bag.

Special needs has been changed from to Level 5 Arrived 4/11/2017 Sponsor: Training Team:.

Viewability status has been changed from to Public.

Send to website has been changed from to Yes.

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03/14/2018 01:18

Handling, exercise, and halter training

While Ashley and Kendra worked with Willow in the round pen. Tucker was sour that Willow was not in the stall beside him. It took a little while to get a lead rope on his halter. Once accomplished I lead him to a holding pen next to the round pen. He is growing in strength so he is a challenge to control. His attention was completely on his separation from Willow, but he trotted and sometimes galloped in circles in the holding pen to relieve stress. Had to shake him back with the lead rope a couple times when he tried to bite me (but he never made contact). Once he learned he didn\\\'t like the rope bouncing on the bottom of his halter he stopped trying to bite. Later, once Willow was out of the round pen, Kendra had me take Tucker in there and exercise him. He trotted and galloped in circles left and right. Then he was more focused, but still looking for Willow when Ashley returned her to her barn stall. Kendra instructed me how to get Tucker to move his back feet while keeping his front in place on left and right sides. Desensitized him to a lead rope touching his back, legs, and rear. Worked on his turning and halter response. Then on personal space while walking and stopping. He let me touch all over both sides, back, and rump, but he does not like touching his legs yet. He still had lots of energy and was glad to return to the barn stall next to Willow.

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